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Mr. Rai's hypnosis session was a great experience for me. Although I had read about these things before but reading about it and doing it is completely different. I was able to autosuggest my mind more effectively. I was also able to relax deeply. I recommend Mr. Rai highly. He is also a veteran. So for all veterans out there give Mr. Rai' hypnosis session a try. You will feel great joy and transformation.

Prakash Sharma Gautam

Hi, my name is Juan Santos (John) I recommend mister Rai because he helped me to be e better human being, with hypnosis I overcome my fears and blocks. Thank you for the great service. 

Juan Santos (John), Befitbyjohn

Hi AK, thank you for helping me with fear and anxiety. You and the 7th Path have been a great help to me. 

Thank you for your help. 

Jennifer, Fort Worth 

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