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Advanced Transformational Hypnosis And Coaching ATHAC Inc. established its Hypnotism and Life Coaching services in 2019. Based in the beautiful Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area, they use various techniques to help people access their inner resources and open the door to happiness and growth. You can be assured that these top Consulting Hypnotists and Coaches will have you seeing results quickly. 


Established with the motto, "Experience holistic transformation through hypnotism and coaching." the ATHAC provides hypnosis/hypnotherapy and life coaching services to help clients succeed. Their hypnosis consulting, teaching, and life coaching services are not only limited to the Dallas-Fort Worth area but are also available for clients throughout the United States of America and around the globe as they offer services online. They find great fulfillment and joy in helping the client create a better, healthier, and happier life with lasting results in achieving their desired goals. The skillful application of various hypnotism and coaching techniques is a compelling way to make positive and significant transformations in life. 

In their sessions, clients experience powerful insights, education, and enlightenment and get help to empower their inner selves to regain control of their lives. They teach powerful self-hypnosis techniques where clients learn to connect and work with their subconscious mind and their highest good/Delta, (or God of your belief system, if you are spiritual). They follow the principle of giving fish to a hungry man and teaching him to fish so that he can feed himself and his family for a lifetime. 

They help anyone (with normal intelligence) struggling due to anxiety, smoking, being overweight, emotional pain, fear, lack of confidence, or other too much-doing behavior including, but not limited to nail baiting, pulling hair out, etc., and if you have a great desire to resolve such problems in your life.

At some point or another, we all desire to improve the quality of our lives. Get ready to evolve, change, and realize your full potential. Contact ATHAC, Inc., and book an appointment today. 

For more info, click here to contact ATHAC, Inc. 

Message from Mr. Rai, A.K.
Hypnotist & Life Coach


Hi, Welcome!

My name is Rai, Ashok K., my friends and family know me as A.K. Rana Sampang. I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists Incorporation, Certified 5-PATH® Practitioner, and a Certified 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Ultimate 9th Degree Teacher through the Banyan Hypnosis Center. I also hold Professional Certification to Conduct Online Hypnosis Sessions through the Banyan Hypnosis Center. In addition, I am a Master Hypnotist and a Certified International Life Coach certification awarded by the Global Trainers, Coaches & Counsellors Organization (GTCO). I also hold a certificate of Life Coaching Business Masterclass through Transformation Academy™. I have also practiced bhakti yoga, and meditation as an aspirant at Pranahuti Supported Meditation. 

As my business and services are related to healing or helping the client to heal, rediscover their inner self, and empower them to achieve success, I found myself and my life purposes related to this. My great-grandpa was a great healer and a spiritual leader well-regarded in the foothills of the Himalayas in eastern Nepal during his time. Two of my uncles were also traditional healers in Nepal and Bhutan. So, I feel like I belong to a family of traditional healers who help people heal through natural and spiritual processes. Since my early childhood, I wanted to be a doctor or someone who can help people to heal, but, contrary to modern medical health science, I used to seek natural and other alternative ways of healing when I got sick, before getting medical treatments. This doesn't mean I'm against clinical and medical health science; they have done a lot and are doing great. Humanity has changed a lot and benefited the most from this modern medical health science and technologies. I'm sharing my journey of becoming a Hypnotist and helping people heal and succeed. Oh! yes, my search finally found its purpose in hypnotism as I dived deeper into hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I have discovered my path, and helping people heal and succeed through hypnosis and coaching has become my calling. By the way, my name Ashok (अशोक) means without sorrow in Nepali and Hindi, which reminds me to help people, not only myself, to be free from sorrows caused by their problems and difficulties. Therefore, my sole purpose is to help clients heal, rejuvenate, and empower them to succeed by educating them with insights, realizations, and understandings. 

While providing hypnosis and life coaching services in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and online sessions, I find great fulfillment and joy in helping clients create better, healthier, happier, and more successful lives. Through experiences, I have learned that the skillful application of hypnosis and coaching is amazing, and it is a powerful way to make positive and significant changes in clients' lives. I'm grateful to be able to utilize the most advanced transformational hypnosis/self-hypnosis and life coaching techniques which helped me achieve such a life-changing experience with myself and my clients. 

I do my best to provide professional and compassionate services to my clients at their convenience for their total benefit. Each of my sessions is tailored to the individual's needs to have optimum results and benefits for each client. 

I am a generalized Hypnotist, and Life Coach so my services include a wide variety of hypnosis/hypnotherapy and coaching services. I am dedicated to serving dear fellow people, so if you choose 5-Session's Advanced Payment Package or work with me for more than/around 5 sessions, I will do your follow-up session for free, if needed follow-up for the same problem or the cause. My goal is simple, I want to help you achieve your goals and experience holistic (mind-body-spirit) transformations through hypnosis and coaching.

“Our client’s Success, I mean, your Success is our Success.” 

My services include the following, but are not limited to:

Motivation and Confidence, i.e., Improve Self-Esteem/Confidence,  

Weight Loss, 

Public Speaking Hypnosis/Coaching,

Life or Business Coaching,

Remove Financial and Emotional Blockages,

Bad Habits Removal,

Stress/Worry Release or Reduction,

Teen/Childhood Issues,

Stop Smoking,

Sports Improvement and Athletic Performance,

School Problems or Work Performance & related issues,  

Loss of Self-Control, 

Over-doing habits (Addictions), 


Eating Issues – Stop Emotional and Binge Eating,

Sleep Problems, 

Anger, Sadness, and other Emotional Problems, 

Remove Anxiety, Fears, Nervousness, & more,

Relationship Issues,

Tinnitus & other such problems,

Sexual Issues,  

Past Traumatic Experiences,

Past Life Regression Hypnosis,

Self-Hypnosis Training,

And more ...


Love and Light!

Ashok Kumar Rai (AK),

Consulting Hypnotist/Life Coach/Manager,

Advanced Transformational Hypnosis and Coaching (ATHAC), Inc.

Office: +1(682) 593-3536 | SMS/WhatsApp: +1(682) 593-3536 | +1(817) 862-3325 |

Email: |

4500 Mercantile Plaza Dr. Suite 300, Fort Worth, TX 76137

North Texas, USA.



*Note: Results may vary, hypnosis/hypnotherapy and coaching results will vary from person to person, no individual result should be seen as typical. Like the other healing arts, the practice of hypnosis/hypnotherapy and coaching is not an exact science:  Therefore, results are not guaranteed, nor are refunds given for services rendered.

Hypnotizing Patient
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